11 Bit Studios Smuggling Three Funky New iOS Titles Into Gamescom


In addition to the previously announced PlayStation 3 port of offensive strategy game Anomaly Warzone Earth, Polish developer 11 bit studios is rolling into Germany with three new iOS/Android games to show off during this week’s Gamescom event.

There’s a sequel to Anomaly, a silly game about funky smugglers attempting to sneak past airport security, and an environment puzzler starring a young lad named Moonboy who’s been shot out of bed by a lunar sneeze and is left to sleepwalk through trap-filled dreams.

Continue along down the page for first details and screenshots for each title.

Anomaly Korea:

Thrilling portable strategy is back with a new campaign in Korea! Packed with fierce battles, an engaging story, a tactical map for battle planning your approach, new units, new player powers, and an even more frantic race to build up a new battlefield against the oncoming alien hordes, this is tower defense turned on its head – again!

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Funky Smugglers:

Report for duty as the grooviest airport security officer in the world. Keep passengers safe as you use your X-Ray scanner to strip all sorts of wacky contraband including plungers, spiders and more from an array of over-the-top smugglers. Get funky with the hot, 70s-inspired soundtrack as you enjoy the game by yourself or in exciting multiplayer battles.

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Sleepwalker’s Journey

Meet drowsy Moonboy. Blown out of bed by a big lunar sneeze, he sleepwalks through dreams. Moonboy needs your help to reach his bed. Guide him safely through various traps, clear obstructions from his path, and shift his surroundings to create a safe passage to the cozy bed. Solve environment puzzles in a fantasy world, find multiple pathways through the game, and collect stars and crescents to experience the beauty of Sleepwalker’s Journey fairytale atmosphere.

You are Moonboy’s only guardian, and your imagination is the key that shapes the dream, as you lead the boy to his beloved bed. You are the dream creator.

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