Pro Gamer: Worst Job Ever

I can’t tell you how many mornings I crawl out of bed and think to myself, “Thank God I can go to work today and don’t have to sit around and play video games.”  Sometimes, I’ll go in on Saturday to get a special project, just so I don’t have to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon playing Final Fantasy XII

One unfortunate man doesn’t have a job to avoid the drudgery of gaming.  Or, rather, his job is gaming.  In an article on entitled “Not All Fun, Says Pro Gamer,” Tom Taylor works to debunk the myth that gaming as a livelihood is not all “fun and games.”  [Read the article here].

Taylor, a high school drop out (he needed more time to work on gaming; how did he talk his parent’s into that?) makes around $150,000 U.S. a year in tournament prize money, and he just raised the amount he charges to tutor others on the art of gaming.  Doubled it, actually. 

He works hard to make that money, though.  He says he needs to stay “disciplined” and sometimes games up to 12 hours a day.  In between all those hours in front of the console, he still has to make time to eat right and exercise. 

The only upside to Taylor’s hard work is that his talent (and probably dough) has raised his profile.  He was recently listed as one of Stuff magazines 20 most influential people under 30.  When asked if his fame helps him get chicks, he answered, “I guess it [fame] works to your advantage.”

So the next time you feel sorry for yourself when you have to drag your ass out of bed and go to a thankless job, think about poor Tom Taylor.

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