Dig Dug Makes Xbox Live Arcade Debut

Dig Dug, now on XBLASo far Microsoft has been able to keep up with their promise of new Xbox 360 Live Arcade content every Wednesday. Today they hit the deadline yet again with the release of Namco’s 1981 hit Dig Dug. It comes in at 400 points, which seems to now be the average on most Live Arcade games. Don’t expect any fancy graphics updates as with many of the Konami titles that have released on XBLA as this is a straight port of what was offered back in 1981, hence only an 11Mb download.

I was a little put off by the achievements though as most of them award you gamerpoints for collecting the different pieces of fruit that appear on a level after making two boulders fall. Honestly, other than its nostalgia, this title has little to offer players and brings nothing new to the table that hasn’t been presented before in various Namco Arcade games in the past.

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