2D Teddy Bear Souls-like Aegis: Innocence Defends Dreams on Kickstarter

Have you ever dreamed of playing a game that would allow you to sword and board as a fluffy, cuddly teddy bear (donning a blue scarf, no less) in a battle to protect its human charge from nightmares? Well thanks to Stasis Soft, your incredibly specific dream is about to finally come true. At least it could come true in the very near future, with enough Kickstarter backers and Steam Greenlight voters to help Stasis Soft achieve its goal.

Aegis: Innocence, a 2D action-RPG platformer starring the aforementioned teddy bear dream guardian, is currently on Kickstarter seeking a minimum funding goal of $60,000. As of press time it’s up over $8,000 with 26 days to go, so it seems to be on a good early pace. Funding will ensure the game comes to PC/Mac/Linux and potentially console platforms, if the $95,000 stretch goal is achieved. Digital and physical releases on PS4 and Vita are already confirmed at minimum funding, but the extra stretch goal cash will be needed for ports to Wii U (or maybe Switch?) and Xbox One.

Why should you be excited about Aegis: Innocence? Well I’ve already gone over the obvious: you get to play as a frickin’ teddy bear knight! From what I gather, the game is clearly drawing inspiration from the Dark Souls formula, especially in the realm of combat where the stamina-based attacking and blocking mechanics are more deliberate and skill-based in their implementation versus an all out hack-and-slash approach. Then there’s the emphasis on boss battles–10 mandatory plus 8 optional, for 18 total–as well as the familiar death mechanic where accumulated experience currency is dropped when you die but becomes permentanly lost if you die again before retrieving it.

The game’s also promising extensive character and weapon talent trees, non-linear level progression with multiple ending possibilities, and lore discovery through exploration and hidden secrets. Delightful pixel art pairs with an epic orchestral–no chiptunes here!–soundtrack to fully capture the storybook wonder of the dream world environments. I mean seriously, how can anyone not want to play this game?

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