2GB SD Card (a.k.a. Wii Memory) for $20

SDMemory.jpgWhen picking up my Wii this weekend from EB Games, the clerk was kind enough to offer a 1GB and 2GB SD memory card for $59.99 and $99.99 respectively. Of course I declined because I was already giving them $200 for the system and didn’t feel like spending an extra hundred on additional memory that I knew I wouldn’t need right away. Also, since the Wii takes SD memory, I knew I could find a reputable brand on sale somewhere else. Just because it doesn’t have that Wii logo on it doesn’t mean it won’t work.

What luck that yesterday Buy.com started a sale on a Kingston 2GB SD Card for $30. What’s more, if you use Google Checkout when making your purchase, they take an additional $10 making the total $20, assuming you pick the free shipping. So for all of you new Wii owners out there concerned that one day you may fill the system’s memory with downloadable content, go ahead and purchase this now. There’s nothing like saving $80 on something you’ll probably need sooner than later.

Kingston 2GB Secure Digital Card (SD) – SD/2GBKR

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