360 is Back in Black

Black 360 Coming Your WayWell, it never really left, but if you happened to purchase a brand new Xbox 360 Premium bundle this past weekend you should probably start kicking yourself now.

Engadget is confirming that Microsoft will be releasing a brand new “Elite” 360 bundle which will be decked out in all black. Among other things this new system will include a 120GB hard drive and also support HDMI video output. Initially it will be released as a 3rd SKU at $479 alongside the Premium ($399) and Core ($299) bundles, however once the limited allotment of a few hundred thousand black units are sold out, a white version of the Elite bundle will replace the Premiums.

Those of us early adopters should find solace that the hard drive will be released separately, however the HDMI support will need to be something we live without. So how does this impact you? Are you going to find a friend quickly to unload your old 360 on to pick up a limited edition black version, or are you content with what you currently have and aren’t interested in/can’t use HDMI and some more disk space?

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