A Cut Above – The Arc Rise Fantasia Guide to JRPG Hairstyles

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Spiky, bright-colored hairdos are a JRPG staple, so it shouldn’t be news to anyone that the characters in new Wii JRPG Arc Rise Fantasia are defined as individuals by how they wear their hair.

Alongside the review copy of Arc Rise Fantasia I received today courtesy of Ignition Entertainment came this silly hairstyle guide with tips on how to replicate each character’s distinctive do. Tips that should prove invaluable for JRPG cosplayers. Let’s take a look.

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How to Achieve L’Arc’s Hairstyle:

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– Blow dry hair straight with comb.
– Obtain gooey styling substance to run through hair and pinch chunks of hair together to achieve piece-y look.
– Toss head a few times to set the style.

How to Achieve Ryfia’s Hairstyle:

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– Visit local beauty supply store to obtain purple hair coloring that is most flattering for your skin tone.
– Color and wash hair. Dry hair with round brush to make straight and smooth.
– Spray with finishing shine spray to set.

How to Achieve Alf’s Hairstyle:

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– Bleach hair with any drugstore brand in a blonde tone.
– Dry hair with round brush to make straight and smooth.
– Spray with finishing spray to keep in place.

How to Achieve Leslie’s Hairstyle:

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– Relentlessly check various drugstores until you can find the hair color “flamingo pink.”
– Set dry hair with large hot rollers to achieve waves; remove and tousle hair as a model would.

How to Achieve Adele’s Hairstyle:

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– Check hair dye to make sure it is rose red. No other color will work.
– Set dry hair with large hot rollers for a light wave. Gather long hair at crown of your head and tie tightly into a ponytail.
– Fluff bangs gingerly.

How to Achieve Niko’s Hairstyle:

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– Find flaming red color to dye hair with.
– Dry hair upside down while tousling and massaging in hair wax. Will require multitasking abilities.
– Sweep bangs to the side and spike with fury to give spunk to hair.

If you’re brave enough to try out any of the hairstyles, feel free to send over a photo. We’d love to see how the do turns out — and I’m sure Ignition would too!

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