A Little Wii Bait and Switch

saturdayMatinee.jpgImagine it’s the beginning of October and you found out that a local retailer is taking reservations on the coveted Nintendo Wii. You know that shipments will be scarce before Christmas, so you put $100 down and get your pre-order. Around rolls 11/19 and you walk into the retailer expecting to walk out with a system. Instead the manager tells you that a few weeks after you placed your pre-order, they changed the purchasing policy and you now have to purchase two games in addition to the system before you can take it home.

This actually happened to one grandmother when she went in to pick up two Nintendo Wii systems for her grandchildren at a Saturday Matinee in Cambria County, PA. Shelley Peruso pre-ordered two systems on October 13th and when she went to pick up the systems she was told that management changed the policy and before she could get them, she’d have to plunk down an extra $200 ($50 x 4 games). Not only that, but they also informed her that she missed the cutoff date and would not receive a system until sometime after Christmas.

Unfortunately for Saturday Matinee, Peruso isn’t taking this lying down. She’s written a letter to the chairman of Transworld Entertainment, the company that owns the Saturday Matinee department stores, in addition to filing a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection for possible bait and switch tactics.

This isn’t the first story I’ve heard of retailers forcing bundles on people when they come to pick up their systems. Practices like this need to stop. All it does is piss off consumers, and get national exposure to how crappy your store is to its customers.

Source: GamePolitics, WJACTV

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