A Weekend of Frustration with SOCOM: Confrontation


Late last week I received my review copy of SOCOM: Confrontation from Sony and was super-excited to dive into the game for many hours of heated third-person warfare over the coming weekend. Sadly it seems the game is a bit of a mess right now, enough so that so far I’ve only been able to play one match.

Here’s how my SOCOM: Confrontation experience went over the weekend:

– Fired the game up for the first time Saturday night. Went through the installation process (it requires a 2.7 GB HDD install to play) and subsequent game update only to find that the install went bad and was corrupting my save file, making it impossible to get past the opening menu screen. So as the error message suggested, I deleted the save file and tried again, but the corruption persisted so I deleted the entire game file and went through the entire installation process again. Got the same save file corruption error at its completion, but this time when I deleted the game save and went back in it finally worked!

– After about two or three hours of installation woes I was psyched to finally play. But then one more problem arose. The game’s servers kept timing out and I couldn’t log onto the network, once again leaving me stuck at the initial menu screen. Spent about 15 minutes trying to connect to the network to no avail, so I took a break for an hour or so and came back to give it another go. This time when I put the game in it froze on the menu screen and completely locked up my PS3. I had had it at that point, so I cut off the power and gave up for the night.

– Sunday night rolled around and I decided to give it another go. Low and behold the game actually worked! I was able to log in, customize my soldier and mercenary and actually play a match… hurray! The six rounds of Elimination I played were completely lag-free and a total blast, but something was still amiss. After finishing the match I noticed that my profile didn’t reflect my stats. Then while going back through the menus an error message kept popping up indicating that due to server issues certain community features and stat tracking weren’t working. After seeing that I wasn’t going to continue playing. No point investing time and effort into the game if my performance wasn’t going to be recorded. On top of that, it seems that the game’s trophy system hasn’t been activated yet, something that was promised for game launch (it’s even printed on the back of the box!).

So yeah, SOCOM: Confrontation is not off to a smooth start here, which is a shame considering Sony made such a huge deal out of the game’s beta yet apparently didn’t use that early testing time to get things in order for a great launch. Most online games go through early growing pains, so I’m not completely surprised here, just disappointed that issues that should have been sniffed out in the beta weren’t.

Once the server situation gets remedied and the game hits its stride I can tell from just one match that it’s going to be right up there as one of the most gripping multiplayer shooters this generation. I just hope that potential is realized sooner rather than later. As soon as the game is restored to working order, I’ll check back in with a full review.

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