A Winner Is Me!

awinnerisyou.jpgSo a few months back before starting VGBlogger.com I participated in a beta of a new service called SkillGround. Though information about the service may be a little sparse now, it was basically a system where players would wager on their skill in a particular game, play, and then the winner would take 90% of the pot leaving SkillGround with the other 10%.

During the beta period, each player’s account was credited with $50 that they could use to wager against other players in two games: L.A. Street Racing and Warpath (basically a Quake 3 style FPS). While the beta was to last only a few days, if you were able to wager $50 over its course SkillGround would send you a check for the balance left in your account when the beta finished.

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Knowing that Warpath would be saturated with people trying to become the next Fatal1ty, I chose to focus my attention on L.A. Street Racing. Everything was going wonderfully for me and when I had around $80 in my account, SkillGrounds announced a contest with a huge payout. At the end of the beta, the top five individuals on each game would win varying amounts of money, including $2,000 for first place.

So, over the next few days I pretty much accomplished nothing besides racing other players in this game, attempting to get my rank up to the first position. At the end though, I was only able to come in 2nd, however that still netted me some cash. Not too shabby for playing a racing game.

The reason I hadn’t said anything until now was because I just cashed the check a few days ago and I wanted to ensure that I actually received the money. If I didn’t this would have been a scathing email calling SkillGrounds out. However, everything was legit and I can’t wait to participate in the program when it officially launches later this year.

If you’re interested in SkillGrounds, head on over to their forums and lurk around. Sooner or later they’ll post some information on the next phase of their program.

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