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Launched back in December and still in its beta infancy, Sony’s Project SkyLight offers PlayStation 4 owners a cool way to customize their consoles with swappable, game-themed faceplates. The program launched with faceplates for LittleBigPlanet 3 and The Order: 1886, both of which immediately sold out. I know all too well, because I ordered one on the day they were announced only to later receive a notice that my order was canceled due to stock shortage. (FYI: The LBP3 faceplate has since been restocked.)

So I somewhat disappointedly accepted my $25 refund and waited to jump on the next run of faceplates. Turns out, that next run, which again quickly outsold demand, included a faceplate themed after From Software’s Dark/Demon’s Souls-esque action RPG Bloodborne. I went through the ordering process all over again as soon as I caught the announcement, fully expecting to receive an out of stock notice like the last time. But I actually managed to get in before they sold out like hotcakes and, lo and behold, my Bloodborne faceplate has arrived!

And you know what? I’m actually way more impressed by it than I thought I would be. $24.99 seemed a bit steep for a strip of plastic with some key art painted/stickered on it, and to a certain extent I still feel that the price is too high. ($14.99 to $19.99 would be my ideal sweet spot price point, but paying a premium to score a limited edition product just goes with the territory.) However, after putting the new faceplate on my PS4, I feel totally at ease with my impulse purchase.

Putting the faceplate on is easy enough, but even with directions removing the original faceplate for the first time is a bit tricky and trying to take the new faceplate back off takes quite a tug. Maybe it’s just me being OCD paranoid about caring for my electronics, but the force it takes to remove the thing always makes me a little queasy that something might crack or chip off.

More so in person than a hi-res glamor photo, the faceplate just looks awesome. The character art and text logo have a smooth, embossed texture when you slide your finger over them while the surrounding red blood aura is painted on flat. Except for the torn edge on the right where the PlayStation symbol is, the surface of the faceplate has a matte finish similar to the other side of the PS4 that’s divided by the line that extends from the power button. The faceplate has some texture to it, but not as rough as the rest of the console. Visually, however, it looks like the same material and in my opinion is a better, more cohesive aesthetic compared to having one side all shiny and fingerprint smudged and the other matte and textured. Because the Project SkyLight faceplate has less sheen, it isn’t nearly as much of a dust and fingerprint magnet as the out-of-the-box faceplate is, and that’s a definite plus.

The only thing I’m not too keen on is the title text. I’m not totally against having it, but part of me thinks the faceplate would have a cleaner look if it had the artwork alone. By comparison, looking at the LittleBigPlanet 3 and PlayStation Symbols faceplates makes me wish this one for Bloodborne didn’t have the game’s title plastered across the front of it, or at the very least the logo text didn’t dominate so much of the piece. Instead of the title there could have been an ominous, glowing moon arcing over the top-left corner, or maybe even a foggy background effect. I would have preferred it to be more about the artwork and less about being a billboard for the game’s title.

But I’m just nitpicking here, folks. As I said earlier, I am thrilled I was able to order one of these before they sold out and pleasantly surprised that I’m even more eager to see what Project SkyLight delivers next. The $25 price point will no doubt limit interest in trying to collect them all to a niche audience, but after seeing the quality of work in the Bloodborne faceplate I have gone from just buying one out of curiosity (and admittedly some Souls fanboy hype) to strongly considering picking up others in the future if the game/theme is right. (Please, Sony, make faceplates for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I’ll buy them both!)

As long as you’re willing to pay a slight premium, Project SkyLight faceplates are built with excellent quality and offer a great way to jazz up that fairly bland slanted black box Sony calls the PlayStation 4 with a collectible flair.

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