Accessory Review: IntensaFire Master Mod Rapid Fire DualShock 4 Controller


No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you see above is the world’s first DualShock 4 emblazoned with the VGBlogger pencil gamer logo, courtesy of premium controller mod company

Logo decal aside, the modded DualShock 4 doesn’t immediately look or feel any different from the DualShock 4 that ships standard with every PlayStation 4 console. Looking closer, however, reveals a tiny button on the back of the controller near the right hand grip as well as a circular LED array just below the headset jack. These let you know that the controller is packing a little something extra under its hood.

With a Master Mod Rapid Fire package installed, the DualShock 4 becomes a deadly weapon tuned to enhance your first-person shooter game. Call of Duty and Battlefield are the main supporters, but the mod is compatible to some extent with any FPS using the same button configuration — particularly in games where the right trigger can be set as the fire button. On PS4, I tested the controller with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Wolfenstein: The New Order, and on PS3 (the DualShock 4 is backwards compatible as long as you keep it plugged in) I tried it in Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Killzone 3. Obviously, the mod’s full capabilities are tailored to the Call of Duty games, but Rapid Fire was universally supported across all of the tested games and some of the other modes like Drop Shot also worked in Wolfenstein.

The complete Rapid Fire package comes armed with an extensive arsenal of pre-programmed modes, including things like Rapid Fire (duh!), Burst Fire, Turbo Melee, Drop Shot/Jump Shot, Sniper Breath, Quick Scope, Fast Reload, Auto Aim, Auto Run, and so on. The main Rapid Fire mode turns any semi-automatic gun into a fully-automatic gun as the mod pulls the trigger multiple times for you with only a single tug on the right trigger button. The Drop Shot mode automatically tells your character to crouch or go prone with every pull of the trigger, making it more difficult for enemies to get a bead on you. Sniper Breath eliminates the need to hold down the separate breath button to steady aim as the mod automatically holds the button down for you as soon as you scope in with a sniper rifle. All of the modes are basically there to condense actions requiring multiple button presses into a single button press, which is helpful if you don’t have great hand dexterity, or if you simply want to get that extra edge against multiplayer masters who probably already have the skill to do a lot of these things without a mod.


The great thing about the IntensaFire controllers is the ability to run up to four modes simultaneously, in effect enabling you to customize an additional perk loadout. Want to run Rapid Fire, Fast Reload, Auto Aim and Jump Shot at the same time? You can do it. Each mode is activated by holding down on the mod button on the back of the controller and then pressing the button corresponding to the desired mode. So for Rapid Fire, you pull the right trigger. Or for Drop Shot, you press the crouch button. The commands are all this quick and easy to turn on/off thanks in large part to the mod switch being perfectly placed right underneath where the middle finger rests when gripping the controller so adjustments can be made on the fly without altering your natural hand position. (Of course, individual hand/finger size may change this, but for my not-so-big, not-so-small hands the button placement fits like a glove.) Those LED lights I mentioned earlier are what display which modes are running, with each mode type glowing a different color. If you lose track of which modes you’ve turned on/off over time you may have to tilt the controller forward to get a clear view of the display, but this isn’t a regular hassle. Combined with the built-in DualShock 4 light bar, having the LEDs also adds to the cool factor.

Utilizing the modes is simple enough, but there are so many options that it takes some time to memorize all of the commands. Beyond the default settings, each mode can toggle between additional speed settings, which involves holding the appropriate buttons and watching how many times the LED light blinks to determine if, for example, you’re in Rapid Fire mode 2 capable of 7 shots per second versus Rapid Fire mode 8 capable of firing 10 shots per second. Luckily, IntensaFireStore has a 20-page PDF instruction booklet explaining how each mode works. Again, none of the programming commands are complicated, but when first using the controller it’s still a good idea to print the manual out or pull it up on your smartphone or tablet to have handy while you learn the ropes.

IntensaFireStore’s PS4 modded controllers start at $69.95 and offer a wide range of optional upgrades, including the Master Mod Rapid Fire package for an additional $49.95 as well as custom finishes, buttons, thumb grips and protective carrying cases. For $9.95, you can personalize the controller further by ordering a custom Gamertag decal. At this time there aren’t nearly as many shell designs to choose from for the DualShock 4 as there are for PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, but I’m sure more will be offered in due time. For this weekend only, IntensaFireStore is also running a Memorial Day sale offering an additional 15% off all purchases with the use of the FREEDOM coupon code, plus free shipping. Spending over $100 on a controller is a luxury item, but it’s probably worth the spend if you’re serious about your first-person shooters — single or multiplayer — or like to have custom gaming gear to show off to your friends. The build quality and intuitive mod design definitely measure up to the premium pricing.

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