Accessory Review: KontrolFreek Call of Duty Spaceland Zombies Edition Thumbsticks


KontrolFreek’s partnership with Activision and the Call of Duty franchise continues with the latest edition of CQC thumbstick grips themed after Zombies in Spaceland, the new Zombies mode launching with Infinite Warfare this fall.

For as many different models as KontrolFreek has released over recent years, the Spaceland Zombies thumbsticks are the company’s first to feature magical glow in the dark powers. While playing in the dark, the opaque, alien-green rubber surface glows an eerie neon green, accentuating the intricate detail of Angry Mike’s extraterrestrial mug laser-etched into the concave surface.

KontrolFreek_CallOfDuty_SpacelandZombies_2 KontrolFreek_CallOfDuty_SpacelandZombies_3

After being left to sit under a desk lamp or in direct sunlight for a short time, the intense, vibrant glow, where you can clearly identify the etched image as the light radiates around the grooves and contours, unfortunately only lasts for maybe 5-10 minutes. A dimmer though still fairly strong luminescence lingers for maybe another hour, before fading to a persistently faint glow that while visible in pitch black lighting, is virtually imperceptible near any other light source, even the glow of a TV screen or PC monitor. Like solar power, the glow effect needs some time to soak up light before achieving maximum glow power. The glowing faded within a matter of minutes the first couple of nights of testing, but after a week of daily absorption of general ambient room lighting and occasional pit stops underneath a lamp, the glow now holds seemingly forever. After a night gaming session before bed, they were still dimly glowing the next morning.

The thumbsticks themselves both share the same mid-rise height and concave surface; these aren’t grips with staggered heights for the left and right analog sticks. The indentation right smack in the middle of Angry Mike’s forehead provides a soft, smooth, cupping surface for the tip of the thumb to comfortably rest on, while the nubbier edges to the eyeballs, ears, and mouth provide the gripping power. The face of the thumbstick is bordered with tiny, stitch-like gripper lines, while ribs spaced out around the outside circumference allow for making more finesse control movements with the thumb on the edge of the stick.


With the first-ever glow in the dark design, the Spaceland Zombies CQC thumbsticks offer a cool-looking gimmick and additional collector’s appeal for Call of Duty fans, while the usual high-quality KontrolFreek grip design provides increased leverage and control for elevated performance, whether you’re a diehard multiplayer competitor or a solo gamer. Compared to other more specialized KontrolFreek designs, the uniform mid-rise stick height and concave surface I would say puts these into the class of all-purpose analog stick caps, featuring an even balance of comfort, grip, and quickness that’s ideal for improving general gaming performance across all genres and gaming styles. They’re not as grippy as the Galaxy thumbsticks, but they’re pretty close.

And for gamers with a PDP Afterglow Prismatic controller, the glow in the dark grips sure are a spectacular pairing with the controller’s LED case lighting. Look, glowy!


Buy From: KontrolFreek Call of Duty Spaceland Zombies Edition Thumbsticks are now available from, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers, at a price point of $17.99.

Disclosure: Sample product provided to for review by KontrolFreek.

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