Accessory Review: KontrolFreek Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Destiny, Galaxy, Inferno, and Snipr Thumbstick Grips


2016’s been a busy year for KontrolFreek so far, with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five–count ’em!–five new thumbstick grip enhancers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but each model does have its unique aspects that cater to varying play styles and design sensibilities. Anyone looking for an edge in competitive multiplayer or maximized comfort and control for solo gaming needs to check these out. So who’s ready to get their Freek on?

FPS Freek Call of Duty S.C.A.R. — Buy From KontrolFreek or Amazon


Giving series fans a chance to outfit their controllers for the Infinite Warfare launch this holiday season, these grips share a familiar style with the Call of Duty themes KontrolFreek has offered to tie in with previous installments. Representing the player’s protagonist role as Tier 1 Special Combat Air Recon pilot Captain Reyes, the steel blue grips feature the S.C.A.R. emblem etched into the concave thumbstick surfaces. The detail work of the S.C.A.R. logo etching looks fantastic while also adding texture for your thumbs to grip onto. The thumbsticks are equal height, both adding a little less than half an inch to an existing controller’s analog sticks, which for first-person shooters in particular provides extra leverage for improved accuracy and range of motion. Collectable with solid all-around performance, Call of Duty fans should definitely adds these to their FPS Freek arsenal.

Destiny CQC Signature Edition — Buy From KontrolFreek or Amazon


KontrolFreek’s first design based on the Destiny franchise comes bearing the CQC style of two low to medium thumbsticks of roughly a quarter inch in added height, which is complemented by a hybrid convex/concave thumb pad surface to accommodate the diverse play styles of the game’s hunter, titan, and warlock classes. The outer edge of the cap is rimmed with tiny nubs surrounding a domed center depicting a laser-etched tricorn logo, which looks really slick in addition to providing excellent grip performance. Except for the bright orange Call of Duty: Black Ops III thumbsticks from last year, these are stylistically my favorite of the whole KontrolFreek lot. The black base with the “space-age silver” grip just matches so well with the standard black casing of either console controller. Even though these CQCs were designed in collaboration with Bungie specifically with Destiny players in mind, they are very well balanced for all styles of gameplay and are a good choice for first-time KontrolFreek users.

FPS Freek Galaxy — Buy From KontrolFreek or Amazon


Inspired by (but not directly themed after) the sci-fi world of Destiny, as well as other space operas like Halo and Star Wars, the FPS Freek Galaxy is probably my top choice as an all-purpose, go-to thumbstick for all different genres. They’ve become a mainstay on my Xbox One gamepad for PC gaming, and I’ve experienced fantastic results across a wide variety of games, from third-person shooting in The Division, to twin-stick shooting in Dead Star and Enter the Gungeon, to running and gunning in Hard Reset Redux, to brawling and dungeon crawling in games like Kill to Collect and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. Unlike the other designs, the Galaxy sticks have a staggered height–the left stick is short at less than a quarter inch while the right stick stands nearly twice as tall, which means you get versatility for varying movement controls to go along with the broader range of motion for boosted aiming accuracy. The grip surface also may just be the grippiest of the bunch, with a raised circular border of these sort of mouth-like crevices that form ridges down into a concave, cratered center. The pattern has a cool starburst effect that looks glorious in either of the two available color options, including all white or silver and purple.

FPS Freek Inferno — Buy From KontrolFreek or Amazon


A tweaked variation on the FPS Freek Vortex, the Inferno thumbsticks are ablaze with a black base on flaming red color scheme that’ll bring some stylish heat to your gamepad of choice. Both sticks stand around half an inch tall, capped off by thumb pads featuring a spiral pattern and a subtle concave dip. In terms of grip, the spiral pattern is ideal for games with a lot of rotational stick movements as the arced grooves really grab the thumb as it sweeps in round motions. For games that involve more linear front to back, side to side tilts, the thumb tends to slip a little since it’s not fully catching the contours of the spiral grips. I especially love them for twin-stick shooters, but overall I would say these fall more into a secondary, specialist role for players who like to have different thumbsticks for different games.

FPS Freek Snipr — Buy From KontrolFreek or Amazon


Extending analog stick height by over half an inch, the FPS Freek Sniprs are the tallest of the KontrolFreek thumbsticks. The tall height does require more of an adjustment period if you’re new to using stick extensions like these, but the further boost to range of motion helps tremendously with aiming precision and is ideally suited for gamers who prefer playing as long-range specialists, as the increased leverage allows for the nuanced siting that scoped rifles require for optimal head-shot precision. The stick surfaces are domed rather than concave, forming rounded peaks for the thumbs to rest on and make fine-tuned adjustments. This latest version of the Snipr has been greatly improved compared to the older model. The previous Snipr had crosshairs laser-etched into the surface, so they felt a little too smooth under the thumb. For this updated model, the crosshairs are raised rather then etched, the site lines forming little notches, nooks, and crannies to securely grab onto the thumb without any slippage. The raised lines even extend beyond the grip circumference, which allows for subtle, light-touch movements while nudging the thumbstick from its outer rim. Fans of the modern war shooters should also dig the brown base with olive green top two-tone color scheme for its military camouflage aesthetic, a nice touch indeed. Overall, like the Infernos, I would say that the Sniprs are best for specialized gameplay and not so much everyday, every game grips.

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