Accessory Review: Nyko Modular Charge Kit for PlayStation 4


Nyko just recently announced a new slate of upcoming accessories for PlayStation 4 (and Xbox One), but over the holidays–unfortunately too late in the season to make it into our gift guides–a console add-on called the Modular Charge Kit quietly arrived on store shelves. Even though spring is still months away, it’s never a bad time to reorganize and reduce clutter around your gaming tech, and that’s exactly what this handy little gadget does.

With the PS4 resting in horizontal position, the Charge Kit slots directly into the groove on the right-hand side of the console and seamlessly aligns with the system’s distinguishing slant and surface texture for natural continuity, extending the width of the entire unit by only a couple inches. Two rubber padded pegs on either end bond the modular dock with the PS4, but they do not snap into place, so there isn’t a solid connection to keep it from potentially sliding ajar or wobbling a little bit if the console is nudged or picked up. However, since the PS4 needs to be flat (this doesn’t work with vertical stand setups), this is a negligible concern.

The Charge Kit serves two functions. Its main purpose is that of a storage compartment stretching the length of the console. Lifting off the top reveals a hinged trapdoor with an arched finger hole cut out of one end for easy opening. The inner compartment isn’t very large, but there’s enough room for stowing smaller items like charging cables, USB thumb drives, ear buds, maybe even an earpiece headset depending on the shape.

The kit even comes with a pair of Micro USB charging cables right out of the box, and they’re retractable to boot, eliminating the need to leave the standard charging cable hanging from the front of your PS4 or coiled up to the side when not in use. The retractable action works really well too. A smooth pull from both ends of the cable releases the mechanism so the wire can uncoil until a lock clicks into place. A gentle tug on both ends then releases the lock and neatly recoils the cable around the center spool, at which point the charger is ready to put pack into the compartment until next time.

For some users, a possible drawback to the retractable cables will be their limited length. Fully uncoiled, they are only around half the length of the regular cable that comes with the PS4. Additionally, the spool’s weight at the center of the extended cable sags and swings in the middle, which when combined with the short length makes using a DualShock 4 while it is recharging very difficult unless you stand or sit right next to the console. These cables are clearly intended for stationary use, when you have things recharging while the PS4 is sleeping. Thankfully, the added compartment allows you to have a longer, more traditional USB cable tucked away on standby to call upon if needed.

In addition to providing efficient storage, the Charge Kit’s secondary yet equally important function is found under the hood. Removing the lid half of the dock reveals a long, soft brush pad running the length of the unit to use as a dust wand. It’s the perfect size to be able to make a single swipe across the top of the PS4 to remove any gathered dust or nasty finger smudges from the console’s shiny left-hand section. The pad also sits on a sliding track so that the one end can be popped out and exposed just enough for the lip to serve as a detailing brush to fit into narrower crevices. It’s actually the perfect width to fit into the groove that wraps all the way around the PS4. Living in what seems like a perpetually dusty house, having a cleaning pad within easy reach is a great feature. (It sure beats keeping a cleaning cloth on a nearby table.) Every time I go to turn on my PS4, I remove the brush, give the top of the system a quick wipe, and put the lid back on the dock as if nothing was ever out of place.

Nyko’s Modular Charge Kit doesn’t necessarily solve any major problems, but certainly it is useful on multiple fronts while naturally blending in with the PS4’s existing style and dimensions, and without leaving a major impact on the wallet. If your PS4 suffers from cable clutter and gathering dust, $20 is a reasonable price to pay in order to achieve a cleaner, tidier play area.










Disclosure: A Modular Charge Kit was provided to by Nyko for review purposes.

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