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Are you embarrassed by your small, flimsy mouse pad? While gaming do you constantly struggle to keep your mouse from slipping off? Is your mouse just not happy with the size and performance of its desktop mate? Then the Razer Gigantus is just the mouse pad enlargement supplement you need to make for a more mutually pleasurable experience between you and your mouse.

The name of the product says it all: the Razer Gigantus is a gigantic mouse mat. At 17.5″ x 17.5″, close to a quarter inch thick, and roughly a pound and a half in weight, the Gigantus is an absolute beast, larger than even the Goliathus before it. The primary advantage of having the larger surface area is being able to play games with a low DPI mouse, which some players prefer since it allows for a broader range of mouse movement that tracks with more 1:1 precision, versus playing at a high DPI which allows the cursor to move longer distances across the screen using smaller mouse gestures.

More generally speaking, the larger surface means more comfortable and fluid range of motion, and less instances of moving the mouse to the mat’s edge and having to pick the mouse up and reposition it back at the center of the pad.

Though the Gigantus is ultra-large in size, it is a perfect square rather than one of the rectangular extended mouse mats that stretch to accommodate both mouse and keyboard. When I game, I like to have my keyboard and mouse fairly wide apart, so the Gigantus’ size doesn’t cause any conflicts. However, if you like to play with a tighter configuration the dominant hand side of your keyboard most likely is going to have to sit on top of the mat. Which isn’t a major problem by any means, but does mean that your keyboard will have to sit at a slight tilt.

From my own desktop, I prefer to game with my mouse and keyboard like this:


And then when I go to typing I slide the right side of the keyboard to sit on top of the left corner of the mat, closer to the mouse like this:


I haven’t had any problems using the keyboard half on and half off, but I also rarely use that side of the keyboard anyway so the angle doesn’t matter. Of course, if you’re into owning specialized gear for different activities, you can always switch out the Gigantus for gaming and then roll it up and put down a regular-size pad for general PC use.

Made of cloth, the Gigantus is pure black on top–with a Razer logo stamped into one of the corners–and a vivid neon green on the bottom, rubber textured in a snake-scale-like pattern that ensures a firm grip that doesn’t slip or slide, no matter how aggressive your mouse strokes get. I’m not going to lie. When I flipped the mat over for the first time, for a moment I was disappointed that the color scheme wasn’t reversed, so that the green was the visible side. Then again, I’m sure there has to be a reason that the overwhelming majority of mouse pads are black. I’ve never really seen any evidence that mouse pad color makes a difference in sensor tracking, but perhaps there is some science that says black is the best.

The top surface is as smooth as a Mamba Tournament Edition’s bottom, creating an optimal landscape for the mouse to glide across free of frictional drag and resistance, and for the mouse’s sensor to track with even greater accuracy and precision. The textured cloth finish and foam core padding maximize comfort for your hand and wrist. I did feel a slight rug burn sort of irritation when I first started using the mat, but I think that was just a matter of breaking in the cloth and letting my skin adjust to the material, because it hasn’t been an issue since. There is a rounded trim around the mat’s perimeter that is noticeable, but the stitching is streamlined enough that the little lip doesn’t cause discomfort when your arm is laid out flush against the surface.

Razer’s Gigantus is way more mouse mat than the average user will ever need, but for low DPI gamers and eSports competitors, the larger size absolutely makes a difference.

Buy From: The Razer Gigantus is available now from the Razer Store and for $29.99.




Disclosure: Gigantus mouse mat sample product provided to for review by Razer.

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