And as Soon as I Post About Them, They’re Gone

CleanBestBuy.jpgWell, I just finished up posting a video of the people that were waiting in line for the PS3 at Best Buy a few minutes ago and now it seems that those people were removed by the coppers.

According to the store manager, as of this morning the line had reached 20 people deep. That’s a lot of individuals with 7 free days on their hands. Anyway, a store employee, then a manager, then the district manager politely asked these people to disperse, but of course the ornery gamers wouldn’t. As a result (and as Matt and I suspected would happen) the police were called to remove these people for loitering outside the building. Click on the above picture for a better look at the Burbank Best Buy, sans greasy, stinky gamers. Also check out the below picture for the sign that was put up to ward off any other Sony fanatics until the day before launch.


Source: Kotaku

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