Another Wii casualty

goombaouch.JPGNot even pets are safe!

The other night Zach and I were playing some Wii sports in the living room. I was kicking his rear in bowling as usual, when something horrible happened. Our dog, Goomba (yes, we name our pets after video game characters. You wanna’ fight about it?!?) climbed up behind me on the couch to lie down. I swung my arm back to deliver a crushing blow (in the form of a strike), but instead smashed my poor puppy in the face! The unsuspecting pooch never knew what hit him! He was stunned for a few moments, and then looked at me like I was the Wicked Witch. He didn’t forgive me for the rest of the night. It is official: I am a bad mommy. 🙁

Let this be a lesson to you all: not only are electronics at risk while you are playing your Wii; so too are your pets and loved ones!

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