Another Wii Injury

WiiHurtMee.JPGGo Nintendo has yet another Wii related injury story, as if you needed to hear any more about the matter.

In this story which aired yesterday on Milwakee’s Fox 6, Joan Webstine is claiming that days of playing Wii Sports tennis against her nephew have damaged her knee, so much that surgery may be required to alleviate the pain. Apparently her nephew borrowed the system from a friend over Thanksgiving weekend and, being a former tennis player, Joan decided to humiliate him in a few games. This ended up with Ms. Webstine injuring her knee in the process and finding it hard to move about and even sleep on it.

Anyway, you can visit Fox’s website for the footage that aired about Ms. Webstine’s plight. Be prepared to weather a barrage of Wii puns, as the over-enthusiastic reporter is more than willing to spit them out every other sentence.

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