Are Screenshots Enough for the Wii?


So I was perusing the gaming sites today and I saw the above screenshot (among others) on a few sites and I thought, “Is this what companies have reduced themselves to?”

I mean, it’s a pretty picture and all and fairly standard, but did Midway really have to put that hand in there? Was stating that these screenshots were for the Wii not enough to get the point across? I don’t need someone’s hands there with an Xbox 360 controller to know that a game is for the 360. Does throwing some dude’s hand holding a Wii remote suddenly make whatever is in the screenshot ten times more interesting?

Let’s test this theory out.

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Below is a picture of my dog Goomba.


Now here I’m playing Detective Goomba on the Wii!!!!

Dective Goomba

Honestly Midway. We need more than just some screenshots with a controller Photoshopped in. How about some more videos of your PR reps demoing the game? That will get people more interested than what was released today.

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