Ask and Thou Shalt Receive? Is Nintendo Listening to Fans?

actraiser_4.jpgAlright, I know this sounds selfish, but here goes:  every time I open my mouth about “we want (insert game name) on the Virtual Console”…it shows up sometime shortly thereafter.  I know the world doesn’t revolve around me, as I can go to message boards and forums everywhere and see that people say the same thing.

This post comes due to the fact that reports are coming in that there may be a domestic re-release of Actraiser hitting the Virtual Console in America.  Sure, the game is already available overseas on the VC, but it’s yet to hit America.  However, the ESRB has now given it a rating, and there is a possibility that it will hit our shores.  I had made a fuss about how crappy it was that it was only released overseas and that it should come to America, so this raises a question: is Nintendo doing what so few seldom seem to do in the industry and actually listening to its consumers?

About three weeks before Solomon’s Key hit the Virtual Console, I had started forum topics asking for it to hit the console.  Several people backed me up, and it was later put on the download system.  The same thing happened with Super Mario Kart after it was announced for release overseas, as well as other titles like Super Ghosts ‘n’ Ghouls and Kid Icarus.  Granted, these were some big names in the industry when they first came out for their respective systems, but still…I’m not claiming to be a pioneer or that Nintendo even truly cares what I’m saying.  However, if I’m saying it and people are backing it up, or I’m backing up a suggestion someone else has, it makes me feel better to know that Nintendo just might be listening to us all.

While Nintendo may shovel some genuine treasures onto the Virtual Console, there are also plenty of junk titles that are thrown in for some hopeful extra revenue.  Nonetheless, I’m going to give this a shot and use our site as an experiment.  Call it an open letter.  Here goes.

Hey, Nintendo!

Sup, guys?  So yeah…here’s a couple of games that would make a great fit on the Virtual Console (if just to give my mom and me more reason to relive the good ol’ days).  She’s been enjoying Super Ghosts ‘n’ Ghouls a ton, as well as Solomon’s Key, but there are still a few games we’re missing.  Help us out, get with the publishers, and bring us some sweet new games.  The games we’re really wanting to see are:

Kid Kool, Back to the Future, Cabal, Astyanax, Wall Street Kid, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Fester’s Quest

I know you can help us out, and if you were able to especially put Back to the Future on the VC (as my original copy is rather…worn out…), it would be greatly appreciated by both my mother and I.

Thank you,
Josh Williams

So Nintendo, please step up to bat.  Give us some sweet rarities.

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