Atari Releases Bullet Witch Download Content

Atari has released the first downloadable content for their Xbox 360 game Bullet Witch over Xbox Live. The new content includes a free, brand-new “White Witch” costume for the lead character Alicia, and a Bullet Witch Xbox 360 Theme pack with some beautifully wicked artwork. In addition, for 20 points each, players can download one brand new mission “Dynamite Beauty” and two enhanced versions of the “Clad in Streaming Black” mission, one featuring ‘Great Spells’ unlocked and the other a heightened level of difficulty. Here’s a look at the White Witch costume and two pieces of Theme pack art (click away and watch ’em grow):
Bullet_Witch_Xbox_360Artwork4053DLC_Costume_1_01.JPG Bullet_Witch_Xbox_360Artwork4059LiveBlade__Medium_.JPGBullet_Witch_Xbox_360Artwork4060MediaBlade__Medium_.JPG

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