Atlus Reveals New Dragon’s Crown Customization Options and Dungeon Variety Details


It’s the small things in life that really matter. The same thing can be said of Dragon’s Crown, a fantasy beat ’em up with a gorgeous art style as well as an attention to the minor details.

Atlus has disclosed new information about the co-op hack-and-slash dungeon crawl from Vanillaware today, mostly pertaining to small customization options you will be able to take advantage of when the game hits on August 6th. The most basic example is the option to play with new-school analog sticks or old-school D-pad controls for character movement. Which will you choose?

That’s only the beginning. In the town area of the game, you will head to the Dragon’s Haven Inn to choose your class from six options. With a class selected, you will then get to edit your character’s name, choose from one of five different outfit colors per class (the gallery at the bottom of the page has images of these outfit options along with new screenshots), select a voice over language option (English or Japanese), and customize various greeting and death messages. These messages will appear when playing cooperatively, and once you’ve teamed up online with someone, that player’s character might just appear in your game as an NPC.

At launch, a free-for-the-first-month DLC add-on will additionally allow for the default Victorian-accented narrator to be swapped out for any one of the character classes, if for instance you would rather listen to the youthful voice of the elf or the gruff tones of the dwarf feed you story info. The “How to Play” section of the game’s website has narration audio samples for all of the classes. Turns out the sorceress is more than a sexy witch with absurdly large fun bags; she has the most engaging storytelling voice of the bunch if you ask me.

New details about “dungeon gimmicks” have also been revealed. In addition to nasty monsters, each dungeon will be populated by deadly traps, hidden rooms, and other secrets and special events, such as magic carpet rides (see top screenshot) and the ability to call forth the aid of a giant golem when confronted by an equally massive foe. The video below shows brief footage of one type of dungeon trap, a magician’s portal that endlessly spawns new enemies until destroyed.

I don’t know about you, but every time I see or learn something new about Dragon’s Crown the desire to finally get my grubby gauntlets on it only grows stronger. Good thing the game’s only a month away from PS3 and Vita go time, because I don’t think I can stomach the wait too much longer.

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