Atlus Takes Flight With US Xbox 360 Release of Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga


Mike has done a great job covering the PC version of fantasy role-playing game Divinity II for us — his review of the original Ego Draconis release is here, and his recent review of The Dragon Knight Saga is here.

But what about the Xbox 360 version? Well… unfortunately I found the original Xbox 360 release of Ego Draconis to be unplayable, mainly due to a constantly choppy framerate and terrible character animations. It got so bad that I couldn’t take any more after a few hours, so I gave up. Now I’m looking to give it another shot, as the Xbox 360 version of The Dragon Knight Saga is officially headed stateside, courtesy of Atlus USA.

Atlus is partnering up with Focus Home Interactive to bring the Xbox 360 version of Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga to North America, and right now it is scheduled to ship on April 12th. The reason I’m eager to give it a second chance is simple: The Dragon Knight Saga is both an enhanced and remastered version of Ego Draconis and its expansion pack, Flames of Vengeance. So if the technical performance has been polished and the game finally lives up to its console potential, it should be a winner.

“With Ego Draconis, the original Divinity II adventure now enhanced to live up to its original promise, and Flames of Vengeance, the tale’s rousing finale, Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga for Xbox 360 system stands as one of the most expansive console action RPG experiences of all time,” stated Aram Jabbari, Manager of Public Relations and Sales at Atlus. “Comprehensive in its content, extensively remastered based on community feedback, and unflinching in its grand scope and ambition, this complete set offers roleplaying fans over 100 hours of intense action, unique quests, a fully realized fantasy world to explore, and the unmatched thrill of taking to the skies as a powerful dragon. There’s no better or more entertaining way to mow down dozens of your enemy’s troops than with searing blasts of flame from your mouth. Believe us: we’ve tried.”

“Focus is very happy to work with Atlus for the release of Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga for North America,” stated Cédric Lagarrigue, CEO of Focus Home Interactive. “Atlus has already demonstrated its expertise on the RPG genre and they proved it yet again with the success of Demon’s Souls. Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga was praised by the press and the players in Europe, and we are convinced Atlus is the ideal partner to make the game reach the same success in North America.”

And in typical ‘Atlus Spoils’ fashion, all launch copies will come with a free soundtrack CD tucked inside. Sweet!

Here’s the announcement trailer and first batch of screens. Note that the trailer is made up of PC footage (the fine print didn’t escape my eyes!), which does leave me feeling a bit worried about their confidence in the 360 version’s performance. But that’s my pessimistic side talking. My optimistic side will remain hopeful.

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