Beat the Heat With the PSN Summer Sale


Sony’s springtime “Spring Fever” PSN sale had some good deals this year, but was pretty weak overall. Not so with the summer sale!

Between today and Monday, August 9th, 15 games — five PS3, five PSP and five Minis — are available at discounted rates. Standouts include PixelJunk Shooter for only $5, GTA: Chinatown Wars and Lunar Silver Star Harmony both marked down to $15, and Tetris Minis for $5. I’m also thrilled to see PSP titles Patchwork Heroes and The Eye of Judgment Legends go on sale, as those are two excellent sleeper titles from earlier in the year that didn’t get enough attention. Coincidentally, I just got around to starting up on the review codes I’d received for both some time ago, so I’ll get reviews finished up before the sale is over for anyone still on the fence.

Here’s the complete sale list. I’ve also added links for the games we’ve already reviewed if you’d like to read our thoughts before deciding on a purchase.

Fat Princess – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)
PixelJunk Shooter – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)
Groovin’ Blocks – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Madden NFL Arcade – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)
Wakeboarding HD – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.

The Eye of Judgment Legends – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
echoshift – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)
Patchwork Heroes – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)
Lunar Silver Star Harmony – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)

Tetris – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg. (Click here for our review.)
Dracula Undead Awakenings – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Monsters Probably Stole My Princess – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Zombie Tycoon – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Bloons – $1.49 sale; $2.99 reg.

PlayStation Network Summer Sale: Fat Princess, PixelJunk, Chinatown Wars and More [PlayStation.Blog]

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