Best Buy: “Yeah, that system you pre-ordered online…you’re not getting it.”

BestBuy.jpgIt seems while I was out Saturday night with a few friends that were visiting for the weekend, Best Buy supposedly made PlayStation 3 pre-orders available online. This wasn’t one of those two-minute deals like Wal-Mart had for the Wii last Wednesday morning as individuals were able to reserve PS3 systems for almost an hour, some logging in with multiple accounts, reserving 12 and even 15 units each.

What made this even more surprising was that Best Buy is known for not taking pre-orders on video game systems and that no one knew this was coming until people began accidentally finding this page and letting others know about it. Because of this, fellow gaming site PS3Land contacted a Best Buy sales representative via 888-BESTBUY to see if the online pre-ordering was legit. The Best Buy rep told PS3Land:

“…Bestbuy does not do preorders and that everyone who was able to obtain a preorder on their site will not be receiving one and will be given a full refund.” The sales rep went on to say, “…all participating Bestbuy outlets will be opening their doors on November 17 at 8 a.m. An employee will come around giving out PS3 tickets that correlate to the exact amount of PS3s their store holds.”

So if you were one of the individuals lucky enough to be sitting at home on Saturday night and reserve a PS3 on Best Buy’s website, it looks like it was for naught. If you really wish to purchase a system from the store with a big yellow tag, you’ll have to wait out in the cold with all the other gamers come November 17th.

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