Best Buy’s Rabbit Trick Turns PS3’s to 360’s?

It’s late and someone just woke me up with a phone call to tell me this, so break out the salt again. The following may or may not be true, but it definitely falls under the category of some sort of next-gen “bait and switch” tactic that neither Sony nor certain folks preparing to wait in long lines will be none too pleased with.

Apparently, Best Buy stores will be offering potential PS3 buyers who miss out on the limited supply of the new console a placating Xbox 360 package deal for their troubles. The deal would consist of an Xbox 360 Premium system and two or three free games. This offer is supposedly only valid for three days (November 17th – 19th) and amusingly, a Wii bundle does not seem to be part of the deal if one shows up on the 19th planning to walk away with what’s obviously going to be a sold out system.

While their worldwide year-end target is 2 million units, according to reports, Sony will be shipping approximately 400,000 PS3 consoles for the system’s launch with some retailers only receiving about a dozen or so units on launch day. Now that I think about it, Microsoft might not be too pleased initially at their console being used as a consolation prize, but hell, the potential bonanza of 360 sales will look mighty good when Peter Moore or anyone at Microsoft gives those post-holiday interviews, no?

We’ll take a peek at this continuing story (or non-story) as the week progresses.

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