Big Sky Infinity Becomes Even More Infinite


It may sound impossible, but through some working of space travel juju the brains at VooFoo Studios have figured out how to make infinite even more infinite.

PS3 and Vita twin-stick shmup Big Sky Infinity, which we just finished reviewing last week, has received a free update today in thanks to the 200,000+ players who have downloaded the game since its release in December.

The update works on two levels. Part of it is a patch to address certain issues raised by community feedback, such as the frequency of the narrators one-liners and the amount of time it takes to rank up, and the other part is an infusion of fresh content, including new bosses, enemies and events. More specifically:

3 new bosses – Giant Crab Boss, Meteor Ship Boss and Scrapyard Boss
2 new enemies – Trailer and Fogger
6 new black hole enemies – Vikings, Ninjas, Zombies, Pirates, Ghosts and Chaos
4 new events – Parallel Cascade, Laser Levels, Portals and Minefield

I’ve taken a few flights across the post-patch big skies and so far I’m loving the new content. All three bosses are really cool and add different strategies to the existing big baddies. The new events fill up the already crowded screens with even more danger, including portals that transport you to different points on the screen and shifting strings of mines you must dodge while shooting at enemies at the same time. The black hole slow-mo sequences are even crazier too, with ninjas that attempt to karate kick your ship and ghosts that fade in and out on the screen sometimes taking the place of the usual T-rex skulls (as if there is anything usual about the skull of a dinosaur floating in space and spitting out bullets).

Basically, an awesome game just got more awesome. If you don’t have it already, download it now. $10 gets you the game on PS3 and Vita with cross-play. It’s money well spent.

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