Bioware Making KOTOR MMO?


Tons of fans and industry folk were hit with the news in March of 2006 when they announced that they were opening an MMO-development shop in Austin, Texas.  Since then, we have yet to see or hear anything about the development of stuff under the covers of Bioware’s blanket.  Well, it would seem those covers might be coming off.

Though a lot of it is still rumor and speculation at the moment, EGM is reporting that Bioware is currently working on…get ready and brace yourself, folks…an MMO based in the world of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!!!  That’s not all.  There is also a standing rumor that the long-PC-exclusive game (in development since 2004) Dragon Age is now coming to the PS3 as well.  However, some things are still remaining uncertain in the rumor mill.  It would seem that no one is able to verify whether Dragon Age is being made as an MMO or not, even though main speculation points out that the Eclipse engine-powered game could go that direction very easily.  I sent an e-mail over to an old contact at Bioware to try and get some form of confirmation about any of this, and here’s what I got back from their PRs:

“While we are currently anticipating the release of Mass Effect [in September] and working hard on making it the best possible gaming experience we can, we cannot confirm any rumors about the Knights of the Old Republic franchise or Dragon Age that may in circulation.  We do hope to work with these franchises again as soon as we can, but right now, Bioware’s biggest focus is the successful launch of Mass Effect.”

One thing I find funny about that whole statement:  they said they cannot confirm the rumors…they never said they can’t DENY them.  Therefore, think what you want, folks…but we’ll make sure to keep on track with this story until we get concrete details.

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