Blizzard Unveiling New Title, StarCraft 2 At Worldwide Invitational?

This one is, for the most part, coming from various low-end gaming site message boards, even though there are a few known sites that are popping up with some similar stories.  For years, Blizzard fans have been waiting in anticipation for the announcement of StarCraft 2, the true successor to the original RTS classic that is still hailed as the best ever created (not by my standards, personally…).  Well, even though StarCraft fans are being culled over with the 1.15 patch in the coming weeks, people are murmuring about recent reports that Blizzard is making some interesting announcements at the Worldwide Invitational in Korea on May 19th.

The biggest news…and straight from Blizzard’s mouth…is the announcement of a brand-new product coming from the company.  Don’t believe us?  Here’s the quote:

We do intend to announce a new product at the Worldwide Invitational next month in Korea, and we appreciate the enthusiasm and interest in getting an advance look at what that will be, but players will have to wait until May 19th to find out more. Also, we have a very strong connection with the characters and settings of StarCraft, and we do plan to revisit that universe at some point in the future, but we don’t have anything new to announce in that regard at present.

Now, I just wanted to take this split second in the article to say something to the fanboys.  Guys, this does not mean that they are DEFINITELY going to be announcing StarCraft 2, even though there is a possibility they could.  Also, just because they said they are making an announcement about a new “product”…please don’t take that to mean they are making a new game.  In case you haven’t been paying attention lately, they are also in the trading card business, so you might just get an announcement about the StarCraft TCG!

So, as far as the story goes, it’s a definite that Blizzard will be making some kind of announcement on May 19th in Korea at the Worldwide Invitational.  It’s also a definite that there is a lot of buzz and anticipation about what they have to say.  Will they talk about StarCraft 2?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will their new product be a new video game?  No one knows.  We’ll all just have to wait until May 19th to find out.

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