Blood Bowl – Humans vs. Orcs Update


With EA securing the NFL license until 2013 earlier this week, it’s once again time for Madden haters to rebel and begin looking towards new unorthodox football games to fulfill their virtual gridiron fantasies. Right now, Focus Home and Cyanide’s Blood Bowl is one of the few alternatives to look forward to in the foreseeable future, and fortunately it’s shaping up to be one hell of a fun game too. New info and screenshots have come out this week, all highlighting the game’s chief Orcs vs. Humans rivalry. Continue along for more after the break.

Blood Bowl Humans vs. Orcs Overview:

What would Blood Bowl be without ferocious Orcs battling valiant Human teams? In previous screenshots, you saw the Orc players displaying their typical tactic of breaking through the opposition’s scrimmage line in order to open up gaps for their Blitzers to exploit. This kind of vicious play style might make you wonder what the courageous Humans could possibly do against these bloodthirsty and ultra-violent green giants!

Well, don’t underestimate the valorous Humans! Even though they lack the additional strength and special abilities inherent in some of the other races, they don’t suffer from their weaknesses either. Human players are skilled at running and throwing the ball, and they are perfectly capable of taking the fight back to the Orcs, who mainly rely on their strength and armor to knock down their enemies. What’s more, the Human teams can boost their ranks with the help of “Big Guys,” in the hulking form of Ogres, who make up for their low intelligence with their superhuman strength, which can often be decisive in muscle matches and certainly a major asset in confrontations with the terrible Black Orcs, the biggest and meanest players on the Orc team.

Besides the skills that are native to each race and player in Blood Bowl, you also control your team’s finances, which must be managed wisely. A large part of your winnings from Blood Bowl matches will surely go toward the purchase of equipment, armor and other team assets like Cheerleaders and Apothecaries. Not to mention the experience your players earn as they play more matches (if they survive!), which will greatly improve the abilities of your cherished players. With many pieces of armor to choose from for every part of your players’ bodies, each with a diverse assortment of characteristics, Blood Bowl allows so much customization for teams that YOUR team will be unlike all others, and you can set yourself apart during both solo and multiplayer games!

BLOOD BOWL: Humans vs Orcs!

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