Bloodborne Now Has Faster, More Interesting Loading Screens


Maybe I just haven’t died enough times in rapid succession to really notice them, but the much-maligned loading times in Bloodborne really haven’t bothered me. However, they have been a flow-killer for a lot of players, and that’s understandable, because having to wait 45 seconds or sometimes even longer at each loading screen if you’re dying over and over against a particularly tough boss could get tiresome in a hurry, as it obviously has for many brave, impatient hunters.

Thankfully, the plague of slow loading times has been remedied by a new patch bringing the game up to version 1.03. According to the patch notes the loading times have been reduced to approximately 5-15 seconds, and after playing a bit this morning, I can back those numbers up. For me, loading back to Hunter’s Dream came out on the lowest end of the scale, routinely taking around 5-10 seconds. 15 seconds felt like the average waiting time when taking headstones to any of the larger areas.

Additionally, the shortened loading screens are now more interesting to look at. The plain black screen with “Bloodborne” in white text has been replaced by random item descriptions that seem to cycle roughly every five seconds. (I used that to gauge loading times, as on the shorter loads I’d only see one item description, while during longer loads I’d see two or three cycle by.) Normally you might think simple item descriptions would be boring to look at, but in these games examining objects plays a huge role in lore discovery.

The descriptions don’t appear to be based on items in your inventory either. At least so far I have seen a loading screen for one item that I have not yet discovered.

In addition to various bug fixes outlined by the official patch notes, the Bloodborne Wiki notes that Quicksilver Bullet usage for certain firearms and hunter tools has been rebalanced. For example the cannon now requires 12 bullets to fire instead of 10, and the Hunter Bone now uses five bullets instead of six. I have not had a chance to confirm those or any other changes in my own game yet.

Now if only From Software would make it possible to fast-travel between lamps, like you could directly travel from bonfire to bonfire in Dark Souls 2. Having to go back to Hunter’s Dream to access all travel points is such an unnecessary middle step and is the only major complaint I have with the game. I don’t know if the engine will allow it as constructed, but hopefully this is an issue that can be addressed in a future patch.

Here are some sample screenshots I captured of the new loading screens.







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