Blur Pre-Order Cheats Announced, Box Art Unveiled


Along with unveiling the box art and final logo for Blur, Activision has also announced pre-order offers for the Bizarre Creations-crafted racer at GameStop and GameCrazy and a “Day 1 Purchase Incentive” at Best Buy. And they are just the type of pre-order bonuses I despise.

Pre-ordering with GameStop, for example, nets you an exclusive booster kit unlocking the powerful Ford Bronco for racing in multiplayer play, a Last Man Standing survival multiplayer mode, and double fans for your first 10 multiplayer races (the more fans you have the faster you earn cash to buy upgrades and new cars). So not only do those who pre-order get an early advantage in races against those players who don’t pre-order, they also get an extra mode that should be included in the game to begin with. They are called “incentives” but they sound more like cheats to me.

Below you’ll find complete details on each of the pre-order deals and a gallery of the Blur box art.

GameStop – Reserve Blur at GameStop and get:

– Exclusive Multiplayer Advantage Booster Kit

– This GameStop exclusive Booster Kit gives you unparalleled multiplayer benefits:

  • Unlock a heavy, off-road powerhouse – the Ford Bronco in Multiplayer and shunt the competition into the next millennium!
  • Survival Multiplayer Mode (Last Man Standing) – a mode where survival and causing the most destruction wins the battle.
  • – Double Fans for the first ten multiplayer races increases your upgrades, power-ups and additional car abilities!

  • More fans mean a sustained ability to earn cash to buy upgrades, power-up slots and cars.
  • – Be sure to head to the following links to pre-order Blur from GameStop:

  • Xbox 360:
  • PS3:
  • PC:
  • Hollywood GameCrazy – Reserve Blur at Hollywood GameCrazy and get:

    – Double your cash during the first three single player races.

  • More cash means faster access to better power-ups and cars in both SP and MP modes!
  • – Head into your local Hollywood GameCrazy store and pre-order Blur today!

    Best Buy – Day 1 Purchase Incentive:

    – Those who head into Best Buy and pick up Blur on day 1 will receive an exclusive access code to unlock the 600 horsepower Dodge Hennessey Viper early in multiplayer and be the envy of the racetrack.

    – Be on the lookout for Best Buy to update their web site with Blur’s day 1 purchase incentive information in the coming weeks.

  • …additionally, you can head over to to pre-order Blur today!
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