Book Review: Resident Evil 6 Graphical Guide


Out in Japan since shortly before the game’s launch all the way back in 2012, the Resident Evil 6 Graphical Guide has finally been translated into English and localized for western readers. Send your thanks to publisher Titan Books for bringing it over.

Roughly the size of a standard comic book, with a soft cover, dust jacket, and an obi for extra flair, this graphical guide falls somewhere between a CliffsNotes summary of the Resident Evil 6 storyline, an art book, and a glorified instruction manual.

The 96 pages are divided into chapters that introduce the seven main characters who star in the game’s four crossover scenarios and the different government agencies and organizations they all work for, plus a small B.O.W. bestiary of sorts as well as a section that digs into some of the gameplay elements Resident Evil 6 brought to the franchise and describes how they work, such as the new interface, stamina/physical combat gauges, cover shooting, emergency evasion, dash sliding, partner actions, and skills.

Bios are provided for Leon S. Kennedy, Helena Harper, Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans, Jake Muller, Sherry Birkin, and Ada Wong, along with a few supporting characters like FOS member Ingrid Hunnigan, President Adam Benford, and his shady aide, Derek C. Simmons. Each character’s section shows a portrait render and various screenshots formatted in panels kind of like a comic, accompanied by text blurbs summarizing their individual roles in the story.

For additional backstory, brief recaps of the personal histories of recurring franchise stars like Ada, Chris, Leon, and Wesker also get page time, just in case you want to look back at how Leon got his start in Resident Evil 2 or Wesker rose to power over the course of the series and was finally defeated in Resident Evil 5. A nifty correlation diagram then puts the tangled web of character motivations and relationships into a more easily digestible visual format.

Perhaps the best part of the book comes at the end, in a six-page spread which shows a complete timeline of game and movie releases through the history of Resident Evil. An underneath glossary complements the timeline with definitions and additional facts about other characters, locations, and general terms, which is particularly helpful for keeping your Resident Evil virology straight.

The only real downside is the occasional grammatical error, as Titan’s Japanese to English translation is a touch off in a few spots. Fortunately they’re simple things like a preposition missing here and poorly phrased conjunctions there.

Lovely to look at but not quite what should be considered a full scale art book, the Resident Evil 6 Graphical Guide is a fantastic collection of high quality images and basic, canonical information set off by a slick and glossy presentation that any Resident Evil fan should enjoy flipping through and consider adding to their stash of series collectibles. The full list price is set at $19.99, which I would say is right on the edge of being too costly for the size and makeup of the book. However, retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are selling it for $14.99, and that is definitely a more reasonable opening price point to bite on.

Disclosure: A review copy of the Resident Evil 6 Graphical Guide was given to by Titan Books.

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