Brain Age 2 Lifestyle Footage

With Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day shipping out to retailers today, Nintendo has released a dozen new lifestyle gameplay clips (don’t worry, none of the clips are even 30 seconds long) highlighting the game’s mass appeal, along with two video product shots of the game package and DS Lite bundle. See for yourself how much fun gamers of all ages and walks of life can enjoy the brain training workout Brain Age 2 provides.

“Brain Age 2” features 15 new activities including Piano Player, change maker, sign finder and high number:

[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68505.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Families gather for a “Brain Age 2” multiplayer challenge via DS Download Play:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68506.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
“Brain Age 2” keeps kids stimulated during downtime:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68507.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Commuters and busy professionals get their daily “Brain Age 2” training on the go:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68508.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Baby Boomers and seniors keep mentally fit with quick, simple brain teasers:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68509.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Grandparents share “Brain Age 2” with their grandchildren:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68510.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Seniors keep mentally agile with music-based “Brain Age 2” activities:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68511.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Piano Player: Play notes on a keyboard as the cursor scrolls over the sheet music:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68512.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Change Maker: Touch coins and bills with the stylus to make correct change:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68513.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Memory Sprint: Follow the progress of a runner as he competes in a frantic race, then write down the place in which he finished:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68514.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Word Scramble: Unscramble letters and write down the word they spell:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68515.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
Sudoku: 100 new number puzzles:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68516.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
“Brain Age 2” and Nintendo DS:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68517.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]
“Brain Age 2” and Nintendo DS Crimson/Onyx bundle. Available on Aug. 21 at an MSRP of $149.99:
[gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/BrainAge2/Trailers/NINT_7194_68518.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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