Brighten Up Your Tech Life With Color Cables


There’s one week left to go in the Indiegogo campaign for Color Cables, a stylish new accessory in the charge ‘n’ sync accessory category for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and iPods. Basically, any device with a Lightning, Micro USB or 30-Pin connector, Color Cables will charge and sync it via USB power source.

I received a couple samples to try out and they are really well made. Color Cables have a thick, flat, durable design that prevents them from tangling and gives you added confidence that they are going to hold up to coiling and uncoiling, plugging and unplugging over the long haul, unlike the countless flimsy cords I’ve come across in my many years of owning tech devices.

The main selling point, as indicated by the product’s name, is the Color Cables’ availability in a wide variety of colors. Oh yeah, and the added benefit of glowing in the dark. Seven different color options are available, including Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Grey and Pink. Beyond the added style and personality, having a broad range of colors allows for easier cord management. If you have multiple devices, you can get a different color for each device so you always know which cable is its appropriate mate. For multiple users, having different colors helps keep cables from getting mixed up. That’s my cable. No, that’s my cable. No, that’s MY cable. If you’ve ever been in an argument like that, Color Cables will solve the problem for good.


I haven’t had the best of luck yet with the glow in the dark feature. I’m told that 1-2 hours of light exposure will provide 6-8 hours of glow, but even after leaving the cables in the sunlight or directly under a desk lamp for a few hours at a time, the glow has faded within a couple hours. However, from what I understand the glow’s charge lengthens over time as it receives continual exposure to light, so I probably just haven’t had a long enough time to fully build up the luminescence.

While it lasts, the glow effect is really slick, and potentially very helpful if you have ever found yourself fumbling around trying to find the cable for your phone at night with the lights off. Most importantly, the illumination is bright enough to see without emitting enough of a glow that will brighten the room or disturb you while you try to go to sleep. These are Color Cables after all, not night lights.

Color Cables are available in lengths of 3ft and 6ft, starting as low as $9 (plus $4 for shipping). Micro USB and 30 Pin cables are scheduled to begin shipping on April 1st, while Lightning cables will ship in May. The Indiegogo campaign runs through April 6th and still has a ways to go to reach the main funding goal, but product is already in stock to meet demand so all orders will be fulfilled no matter what. I absolutely have to pay compliments to the packaging as well. Each cable comes in a rainbow-splashed box that inserts into a white or black windowed slip cover. Inside or outside of the box, these cables really catch the eye.

So, if your drab, tangled mass of black and grey charging cords is in need of a shot of color and some organization, check out Color Cables to brighten up your tech life.

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