Capcom Makes Sure You Won’t Soon Forget Remember Me


Equal parts Assassin’s Creed, Deus Ex, Mirror’s Edge and Inception, Capcom’s new game IP Remember Me, similar to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs at E3, is one of the surprise reveals to come out of Gamescom this week.

First teased last Gamescom under the alias Adrift, Remember Me is the product of Parisian developer Dontnod Entertainment, which itself is made up of former Ubisoft Paris developers. The sci-fi action-adventure game’s story centers on an “elite memory hunter” named Nilin, who is gifted with the ability to hack into people’s minds and alter/steal their memories. The plot thickens when Nilin’s own memory is erased. It’ll be up to players to help her reclaim her lost identity.

OK, so I guess there’s also a Total Recall strand within this game’s DNA.

Plenty of questions are still left to be answered, but you should be able to get a clear understanding of what Remember Me is all about from the announcement trailer, gameplay demo and first screenshots hosted here. The base gameplay doesn’t look all that special or original–sneaking around a city, climbing walls and scaling buildings certainly isn’t anything new–but the game’s main memory stealing/rewriting hook is potentially groundbreaking.

Reportedly Capcom is dead set on turning Remember Me into its next big franchise, already planning for future chapters into the next generation of consoles. Too ambitious too fast? We’ll find out when the first game’s May 2013 launch rolls around. Color me intrigued for sure; I’m curious to see where this game goes.

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