Cataclysm Beta Impressions: Goblin Levels 1-6

The beta for Blizzard’s next expansion to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm, has started and we’ve got ourselves an invite.   While the beta will most likely be continuing over the next few months, we’ll be providing in-depth hands-on previews of the features as Blizzard opens them up for test. Let this be a caution: All content below will contain spoilers and is from a beta release of a future title. If you’re cool with that, continue reading to find out what the future holds for Azeroth.

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Having run a newly created Worgen through the first six levels of that race’s starting zone, I decided that it would be a great time to switch factions and try out a Goblin, the newest race allied with the Horde.   While the Worgen quests had more of an epic feel to them the Goblin quests are a stark contrast, emphasizing the odd nature of their race by equally odd, yet fun quests.

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For some reason, when I think of Goblins having a Rogue just seems like a natural fit.  That turned out to be one of the easiest choices to make during the character creation process.   The options available for Goblin characteristics are remarkably robust, especially compared to what was available for Worgens.  I felt that I was actually making a character unique to anyone else’s rather than a werewolf with a slightly different haircut and color.  So after selecting his features, my Goblin Rogue Rowzdower was born.

Now it turns out that unlike other level 1 characters, Rowzdower was no chump.   He actually just got a promotion and was well on his way to becoming Trade Prince of Kezan, which I guess is kind of like king or mayor.   First he had to get some tasks done in order to earn that promotion.

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You’ll soon find out that unlike other starting areas, Kezan is quite large.  It’s an entire city in it’s own right, complete with a highway which, after completing your first set of quests, one of your assistants gives you the keys to your hotrod which you can then drive around town to finish quests. The quests in Kezan are split into two sections.  The first has you preparing for a party you’re hosting to celebrate your promotion.   This has you drive around to get some cash from the bank, and then purchase some new clothes and pick up your friends.  Check out Rowzdower’s new getup below.

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Once the party’s started, you need to entertain your guests. This is actually a quest where, listening to conversations your guests are having, you can provide them with whatever they’d like, from a fireworks display or a dance to a new drink, or a bucket to use if they’ve had too many.

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Unfortunately the party doesn’t last long, as an action you took on a previous quest has actually caused the island’s volcano, Mount Kajaro, to erupt.  This segues into the second half of the Kezan quests: getting off of the island as quickly as possible.  It so happens that your rival, the current Trade Prince, happens to have a boat ready to go, but wants a “Bajillion Mackaroons” to let you on.  In order to get that much cash together you need to do some illicit activities.

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One of the quests has you dress up like a Mook (pictured above), a new critter in the expansion.  Donning this disguise, you sneak into the current Trade Prince’s mansion and steal some priceless artifacts.

You eventually come up with the necessary funds and make it off of the island, however something goes awry and the ship is destroyed with the survivors being stranded on the beach of the Lost Isles.

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This finishes out the first part of the Goblin starting zone.  So far I’m really impressed by what Blizzard has come up with for this race’s quests.  They’re much more different and entertaining than any other starting zone I’ve played in the game so far.  Hopefully the Goblin quests keep going this way now that Rowzdower is stuck on the Lost Islands and it finishes out as strongly as it began.

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