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  • Screenshot Saturday: GDC 2010 Blowout

    Screenshot Saturday: GDC 2010 Blowout

    My inbox was flooded with screenshot updates from GDC this week, and it’s taken me the better part of the past two hours compiling them into the 24 galleries posted below. You’ll find loads of screens for all the new PlayStation Move games, and other […]

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  • Blue Dragon Plus Trailer

    Blue Dragon Plus Trailer

    By most accounts, Mistwalker’s Xbox 360 title Blue Dragon was a fairly conventional, cookie-cutter JRPG, which is probably why I’ve never quite been able to work myself up to trying it out yet. With Blue Dragon Plus on its way to the DS next month, […]

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  • New Blue Dragon Screens and Art

    New Blue Dragon Screens and Art

    Quick weekend update for you on Blue Dragon, including a new batch of screenshots and character art. JRPG goodness on the 360 is only a week away!

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  • Blue Dragon U.S. Release Date Set

    Blue Dragon U.S. Release Date Set

    OK, so I’m just getting back from being out of town since late last week and of course while I was away a bunch of important announcements were made. At the top of the list was the long-awaited North American release date confirmation for Blue […]

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  • <i>Blue Dragon</i>‘s Playable Opening Cinematic

    Blue Dragon‘s Playable Opening Cinematic

    Blue Dragon is an RPG for the Xbox 360 which is gaining popularity here in the states, but it’s main audience of Japan will get to experience the complete game on Thursday as its Japanese launch date approaches. One of the main reasons that the […]

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