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  • Boogie “Dance Off!” Trailer

    Boogie “Dance Off!” Trailer

    Bust a move to “Y.M.C.A.” in this new “Dance Off!” trailer for Boogie, which ships next week exclusively for the Wii. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/Boogie/Trailers/BoogieDanceOff_trailer.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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  • E3 2007: Boogie Screenshots

    E3 2007: Boogie Screenshots

    Eight new screenshots from Boogie, EA’s undeniably charming singing, dancing and music video creating Wii party game, and one of the big sleeper hits from E3.  

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  • E3 2007: Boogie Trailer

    E3 2007: Boogie Trailer

    Get your groove on to EA’s E3 trailer for Boogie, the singing and dancing party game coming to the Wii this August 9th. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/Boogie/Trailers/Boogie_E32K7trailer.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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