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  • Dragon’s Lair Week Begins

    Dragon’s Lair Week Begins

    Guess what? Dragon’s Lair is now celebrating its illustrious 25th anniversary (it hit arcades in June 1983), and to commemorate the occasion Digital Leisure is offering a week-long 25% discount on all Dragon’s Lair titles from its website (all DVD, Blu-ray and HD PC DVD […]

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  • Review: Space Ace Blu-ray

    Review: Space Ace Blu-ray

    Dragon’s Lair came out the year of my birth – 1983 – and was at the height of its popularity during my youth, and as such it was one of the first arcade games I fondly remember playing. Actually, to be honest, I spent more […]

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  • Space Ace Comes to Blu-ray and HD DVD April 8th

    Space Ace Comes to Blu-ray and HD DVD April 8th

    Following up on last year’s Blu-ray and HD DVD remakes of Dragon’s Lair, Digital Leisure is now set to release an HD-remastered Space Ace to the two rival disc formats, both of which will hit retail on April 8th. Both versions will share much of […]

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  • Dragon’s Lair HD DVD Trailer

    Dragon’s Lair HD DVD Trailer

    Dirk the Daring’s timeless adventure continues on with next week’s release of Dragon’s Lair in HD DVD format. And in anticipation of the big debut, Digital Leisure has released this new promo trailer. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/DragonsLairBluRay/Trailers/DLHDDVD_PROMO.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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  • Dragon’s Lair HD DVD Dated

    Dragon’s Lair HD DVD Dated

    Following a successful HD-remastered Blu-ray re-release of Dragon’s Lair, Digital Leisure has now announced release details regarding the upcoming HD DVD version (trailer below). Dirk the Daring’s classic arcade adventure will be available in HD DVD format for standalone players and the Xbox 360 add-on […]

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  • Review: Dragon’s Lair Blu-ray

    Review: Dragon’s Lair Blu-ray

    Back when it hit the arcades in the early 80’s, Dragon’s Lair was probably the most ambitious and innovative game of its time, blowing away arcade-goers with its unprecedented Disney-quality animation that put all the surrounding sprite-based games to shame. Dragon’s Lair, which actually isn’t […]

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