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  • Big Shipping Week for Sega

    Big Shipping Week for Sega

    Sega has quite a nice roster of games shipping this week, including two next-gen offerings, a sure-fire PC hit and a revived classic for the GBA. On the next-gen docket, Sega has shipped Sonic The Hedgehog for the 360 (with a PS3 version set to […]

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  • THQ Announces Ratatouille Videogame

    THQ Announces Ratatouille Videogame

    In what has to be the most expansive cross-platform game project ever, THQ has announced the development of Ratatouille, a new game following the story and characters of the upcoming Disney.Pixar movie of the same name set to hit theaters in Summer 2007 (when the […]

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  • Superman Returns: The Videogame Goes Gold

    Superman Returns: The Videogame Goes Gold

    Catching up on a bit of news I missed in the ol inbox on Friday, EA announced that Superman Returns: The Videogame has gone gold and is set to ship as scheduled on November 20th for the Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, DS, and GBA (GBA […]

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