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  • GRID Screenshot Blowout

    GRID Screenshot Blowout

    I already thought DiRT was impressive enough, but damn, GRID is looking even more impressive! But hey, I guess that makes sense being powered by an enhanced iteration of DiRT‘s Neon engine and all.

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  • Box Art Alert: GRID

    Box Art Alert: GRID

    The final box art for Codemasters’ next Race Driver title, GRID, has now been made available. And guess what? It’s got a car on the cover, go figure!

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  • Premiere GRID CGI Trailer is Wow-worthy

    Premiere GRID CGI Trailer is Wow-worthy

    Yeah, I know this new trailer for GRID is CGI, but that doesn’t make it any less jaw-dropping. And besides, according to Codemasters, the footage was pre-rendered from in-engine car and track assets, so it shouldn’t be that much of an exaggeration over what the […]

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  • GRID Now Coming to DS Too

    GRID Now Coming to DS Too

    Previously announced last year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Codemasters’ latest Race Driver installment GRID is also now in development for the DS, with all platform versions set to launch simultaneously this summer. In addition to the usual assortment of modes, vehicles and track […]

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  • Race Driver One Becomes GRID

    Race Driver One Becomes GRID

    Formerly labeled with the working title of Race Driver One, Codemasters’ next installment in the hit TOCA Race Driver series has now been given the official title of GRID (and no, it doesn’t have the lower case “i” like DiRT). GRID, currently in development for […]

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