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  • Review: Haze

    Review: Haze

    I really don’t understand all the Haze hate. True, it’s not the blockbuster PS3 exclusive hit it was hyped up to be, nor is it free of numerous design flaws, but then again it’s hardly some terrible, broken mess of a game that you should […]

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  • Get Your Very Own Haze “Tiny Trooper” Wallpapers!

    Get Your Very Own Haze “Tiny Trooper” Wallpapers!

    Haze‘s Community Developer popped in on the PlayStation.Blog again today to answer a few reader questions, and before signing off posted up a collection of hilarious “Tiny Trooper” Haze wallpapers as a nice little parting gift. There’s Tiny Trooper and baby Tiny Trooper shopping for […]

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  • Haze Demo Impressions

    Haze Demo Impressions

    After about eight hours of downloading, I finally got around to playing the long-awaited Haze demo early in the wee hours of this morning. To this moment in time I’ve been able to play through the demo — which is the game’s entire first mission […]

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  • And the Haze Demo is Still Downloading…

    And the Haze Demo is Still Downloading…

    Jeez Louise! Today’s massive, demo-filled PlayStation Store update must be bogging down the PSN servers or something. I’ve had the Haze demo downloading here since around 4:30 PM EST and as of about five minutes ago it’s still at only like 60% done, and it’s […]

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  • PlayStation Store Explodes With Demos

    PlayStation Store Explodes With Demos

    Free up some hard drive space PS3 owners (I’m not joking, I just had to myself), the weekly PSN update has commenced and there are three new must-play PS3 demos to take for a spin, including Haze (1.474 GB), GRID (962 MB) and The Bourne […]

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  • Haze Demo Hits PSN Tomorrow!

    Haze Demo Hits PSN Tomorrow!

    Haze‘s Community Developer, Ubi_Wuzzi, has just confirmed via the official PlayStation blog that the playable demo for Ubisoft’s PS3-exclusive FPS is set to go live with tomorrow’s Thursday PlayStation Store update. The demo will feature the entire first level of the single-player campaign and four-player […]

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  • Haze PSN Demo Incoming

    Haze PSN Demo Incoming

    Given Haze‘s numerous delays, I think it’s safe to say that most PS3 owners are a bit leery of whether or not it’s going to live up to all the hype. No doubt aware of this, Ubisoft has confirmed plans to put out a playable […]

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  • New Haze Trailer Reveals May Release Date

    New Haze Trailer Reveals May Release Date

    After watching through this short new trailer for the oft-delayed PS3 FPS Haze, you should notice at the end that it’s been given yet another release date. Well, not exactly a specific date, but at least confirmation that the title is coming in May. Haze […]

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  • Haze DualShock 3 Trailer

    Haze DualShock 3 Trailer

    Maybe Sony didn’t need to make nice with Immersion after all. Apparently, the Sixaxis just needed a quick dose of Nectar to become rumble-enabled. Too bad the DualShock 3 doesn’t come out until next spring when Haze is shipping next month. Most gamers will probably […]

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