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  • Review: Jeanne d’Arc

    Review: Jeanne d’Arc

    Platform: PSP Publisher: SCEA Developer: Level-5 Release Date: 8/21/07 Genre: Strategy-RPG Players: 1 Level-5 can do no wrong in my book. Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, Dragon Quest VIII, Rouge Galaxy – these four titles are among the greatest RPGs from last generation, and have […]

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  • New Jeanne d’Arc Screenshots

    New Jeanne d’Arc Screenshots

    Eight new screenshots from Jeanne d’Arc, Level-5’s upcoming PSP strategy-RPG.

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  • E3 2007: Jeanne d’Arc Screenshots

    E3 2007: Jeanne d’Arc Screenshots

    Jeanne d’Arc, Level-5’s latest RPG classic-to-be, is nearly upon us, set to release next month on the PSP. But until launch day comes, tide yourself over on these 10 new screenshots.

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  • Jeanne d’Arc Q&A

    Jeanne d’Arc Q&A

    If you’re like me and love any game developed by Level-5, you too are greatly anticipating the release of their latest project, the PSP strategy-RPG Jeanne d’Arc. While you wait for Jeanne d’Arc’s scheduled release this August, check out this new SCEA Q&A providing in-depth […]

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