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  • Lair Dragons & Control Add-on Pack Impressions

    Lair Dragons & Control Add-on Pack Impressions

    For me, the most overblown story in gaming from all of last year was the mass bashing of Lair‘s Sixaxis motion control scheme. As I said in my review, I honestly don’t believe that many of those who bitched and moaned about the controls actually […]

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  • Review: Lair

    Review: Lair

    Platform: PS3 Publisher: SCEA Developer: Factor 5 Release Date: 9/4/07 Genre: Action Players: 1 Contrary to popular belief, Lair is a rock-solid game and one hell of a dragon-based flight combat experience. I am completely dumbfounded by how overly trashed Lair has been since its […]

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  • Lair TV Spot

    Lair TV Spot

    If you haven’t caught it on TV yet, here’s the US commercial spot for Sony and Factor 5’s much-bashed PS3 dragon riding flight combat game Lair. Oh yeah, and all you Lair haters out there, get over your petty bitching and moaning over this game. […]

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  • Lair “Mastering The Beast” Behind the Scenes Video

    Lair “Mastering The Beast” Behind the Scenes Video

    Lair‘s Sixaxis control scheme has been harshly criticized since game launch, and not exactly in the fairest of ways. In this latest behind the scenes video feature, entitled “Mastering The Beast,” the team at Factor 5 explains more about the implementation of the motion controls […]

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  • Lair “World in Chaos” Behind the Scenes Video

    Lair “World in Chaos” Behind the Scenes Video

    Learn more about the world and story behind Lair in this new behind the scenes video with the game’s developer Factor 5 (also now on the PlayStation Store with yesterday’s update). I’m not buying that Lair is as dreadful as critics are saying and am […]

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  • Lair Unexpectedly Delayed

    Lair Unexpectedly Delayed

    Well so much for development on Lair being complete and manufacturing ready to begin for an August 14th release as was so proudly announced last week. A new post over at PlayStation.Blog by SCEA Associate Producer Ryan Hamlyn has revealed that Lair‘s ship date has […]

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  • Lair Development Complete

    Lair Development Complete

    According to a new post over at PlayStation.Blog, development on the North American version of Lair, Factor 5’s hotly anticipated dragon riding action game, has wrapped up and is now heading into manufacturing. With the game being complete, it is officially primed and ready to […]

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  • E3 2007: Lair Trailer

    E3 2007: Lair Trailer

    Lair is one of the first first-party exclusives Sony is really banking on to jump start the PS3’s game library this summer, and from the looks of this new trailer it’s well on its way to delivering. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/Lair/Trailers/Lair E3 long._03.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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