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  • Capcom Ships Zack & Wiki, And More…

    Capcom Ships Zack & Wiki, And More…

    Capcom must have been in a generous mood when laying out its release schedule for this week, as today marks the debut of four hot new titles in the company’s ’07 holiday lineup. Shipping out to North American retailers today are the brilliantly quirky Wii […]

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  • Capcom Box Art Reveal Extravaganza

    Capcom Box Art Reveal Extravaganza

    Capcom has gone absolutely box art crazy tonight. In addition to the Devil May Cry 4 and Zack & Wiki packshots posted earlier, the final box art for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations, MotoGP 07, Mega Man ZX Advent and Harvey Birdman: Attorney […]

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  • First MotoGP 07 Gameplay Footage

    First MotoGP 07 Gameplay Footage

    Capcom has released the first gameplay footage from its PS2 motorcycle racing title MotoGP 07, check out the clips below. [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/MotoGP07/Trailers/1_of_3_hr.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv] [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/MotoGP07/Trailers/2_of_3_hr.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]  [gv data=”/wp-content/uploads/Games/MotoGP07/Trailers/3_of_3_hr.flv” width=”416″ height=”352″][/gv]

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  • Capcom Details MotoGP 07

    Capcom Details MotoGP 07

    Back at its Gamer’s Day event in April, Capcom announced the acquisition of the PlayStation format MotoGP racing series and revealed plans to publish MotoGP 07 for the PS2 this fall, but didn’t really give any actual game information beyond that. That has changed today, […]

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