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  • Ninja Reflex Debut Trailer

    Ninja Reflex Debut Trailer

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of the ’07 holiday season, I had completely forgotten about Ninja Reflex, EA and Nunchuck Games’ cool ninja-themed party game that was announced for the Wii and DS late last year. But now that the first trailer has been released […]

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  • Ninja Reflex Update

    Ninja Reflex Update

    Since posting the initial announcement of Ninja Reflex, I have received a few additional assets on the game from EA, including the logo you’re looking at above this sentence and the following three screenshots with accompanying mini-game descriptions. Oh, and you’ll also be able to […]

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  • EA Announces Ninja Reflex for Wii, DS

    EA Announces Ninja Reflex for Wii, DS

    More news has arrived worthy of the Day of the Ninja. EA has announced a co-publishing partnership with Nunchuck Games to bring Ninja Reflex, a new action/puzzle party game for the Wii and DS, to North America and Europe in March 2008. As I’m sure […]

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