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  • OdinSphereLeifthrasir

    Odin Sphere HD Remake Coming to America Next Year

    Vanillaware’s Odin Sphere, one of the true all-time PlayStation 2 sleeper classics (at least in my humble opinion), is receiving the HD remaster treatment in the newly announced Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Pronounced “LAYV-thra-sheer” and authentically written as […]

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  • LegoJurassicWorld_001

    Review: LEGO Jurassic World

    As much as I want to be done with the annual barrage of licensed LEGO games, TT Games’ fun-loving formula continues to suck me back in every time. Given my general lack of enthusiasm toward the movie release of Jurassic World, I thought maybe the […]

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  • KontrolFreek_Accessories_Review

    Accessory Review: KontrolFreek Grips, Shields, and CleanFreek Asset Protection

    I have sung the praises of KontrolFreek’s analog stick extenders many times before, but lately the accessory manufacturer has been branching out into new forms of video game controller accessorization. Today, I would like to tell you about three different products that will complement your […]

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  • TheWalkingDead_LivePerformance_SDCC2015

    Cast Members to Live Perform The Walking Dead: Season One at Comic-Con

    Coming up this weekend at Petco Park for San Diego Comic-Con, Telltale Games and Skybound will be hosting a special The Walking Dead Live Performance event featuring voice actors from the episodic video game series reenacting scenes from Season One, live and in the flesh […]

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  • Minecraft_StoryMode_TelltaleGames

    Patton Oswalt Stars in Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode Episodic Series

    From Minecon 2015, Mojang and Telltale Games have confirmed the voice acting cast for the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode five-episode series. Comedian Patton Oswalt of Ratatouille fame is headlining the cast as protagonist Jesse. Notable supporting actors include Dave Fennoy (Lee Everett from Telltale’s The […]

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  • MetalGearSolidV_ThePhantomPain_E32015_001

    Here, Have a Buttload of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Screenshots

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches at long last on September 1st, which means this is the game’s final appearance at an E3. And with all of the drama and mystery swirling around Hideo Kojima and Konami being on the outs, who knows […]

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  • TWD_Michonne_E3_key_art

    The Walking Dead: Michonne Mini-Series Begins This Fall

    Before The Walking Dead: Season 3 arrives (most likely next year since it’s not starting this year), Telltale and Skybound will launch a new Walking Dead mini-series starring comic book character Michonne. The Walking Dead: Michonne will consist of three episodes set during issues #126 […]

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  • TalesofZestiria_E32015_003

    Tales of Zestiria Now Also Coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam

    Already available in Japan on PlayStation 3, tri-Crescendo JRPG Tales of Zestiria will be arriving on western shores on October 20th. That’s the good news. The holy-shit-that’s-awesome news is that Bandai Namco has announced that in addition to PS3, Tales of Zestiria will also be […]

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  • LEGO_MarvelsAvengers

    Avengers Assemble for the Next LEGO Marvel Romp

    LEGO Jurassic World launches on Friday, but in case you forgot, Warner Bros. and TT Games have another big LEGO game on tap for this year. That game is, of course, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, which was first announced back in January. Featuring the characters and […]

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  • CallofDuty_BlackOps3_MarshawnLynch_001

    Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Seattle Seahawks stud superstar running back Marshawn Lynch is brining his “Beast Mode” persona from the pigskin gridiron to the first-person shooter battlefield as a character Call of Duty: Black Ops III. An article in ESPN the Magazine has the full scoop on Lynch’s day […]

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