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  • Until Dawn Rail Shooter Spin-off Coming Exclusively to PlayStation VR

    Hey, waitaminute: According to the rules of teen slasher films, you’re supposed to be rewarded for making good choices, not punished. The machete upside the forehead’s reserved for the blockhead who splits from the group or engages in premarital tent sex. How then to explain […]

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  • Review: Mountain Crime: Requital

    Review: Mountain Crime: Requital

    As a kid, Highlights magazine was always something to look forward to because of the hidden picture puzzles. Even as an adult I can’t help but scour through hidden picture puzzles while waiting at a doctor’s office. Or play hidden object adventures from the comfort of […]

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  • Review: LittleBigPlanet Karting

    Review: LittleBigPlanet Karting

    You could make a pretty convincing argument that LittleBigPlanet Karting is one of the year’s most unnecessary games. After all, the PlayStation 3 already has a perfectly good kart-racing game fueled by an avalanche of DIY user-created content–ModNation Racers. In a way, sticking Sackboy behind […]

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  • Review: Portal 2 In Motion

    Review: Portal 2 In Motion

    Reviewing games has one drawback, especially if you also work full time outside of gaming.  The chance to replay good games of old rarely comes up.  Sure there may be a lull every once in a while that allows for a game to be revisited, […]

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  • Sixense Spreads Holiday Cheer With a Portal 2 In Motion Giveaway

    Sixense Spreads Holiday Cheer With a Portal 2 In Motion Giveaway

    Sixense, studio behind the recently launched In Motion DLC pack and PlayStation Move control integration for Portal 2, has just announced the start of a giveaway promotion that’ll have half a dozen PS3 owners thinking with portals this holiday season. By liking Sixense on Facebook […]

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  • Review: The Unfinished Swan

    Review: The Unfinished Swan

    In an era of gaming where most games feel like iterative copies of the hottest blockbuster production from the previous year, finding a unique title that takes a new concept and fleshes it out beyond the aspirations of a tech demo is refreshing.  Giant Sparrow […]

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  • Just Dance 4 Goes Gangnam Style

    Just Dance 4 Goes Gangnam Style

    The “Gangnam Style” sensation has taken over the world, and now it’s about to take over the video game dance scene. Next month, the recently launched Just Dance 4 will receive South Korean rapper Psy’s YouTube smash hit via downloadable content. It’ll be available for […]

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  • VGB Feature: Sports Champions 2 Q&A With Zindagi Games

    VGB Feature: Sports Champions 2 Q&A With Zindagi Games

    By now if you own a PlayStation Move, chances are high that you also own a copy of Sports Champions. Zindagi Games‘ motion control sports activity pack easily took home the title as the Move’s top launch game, and to this day it remains one […]

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  • Review: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Review: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” that can be applied to a lot of things in today’s world. Old movies don’t need to be remade.  Stable operating systems don’t need to be upgraded every year.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with […]

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  • Review: Lights, Camera, Party!

    Review: Lights, Camera, Party!

    Closing out the remainder of what has already been a jam-packed summer of digital download game promotions, indie Canadian developer Frima Studio kicks off its five-games-in-as-many-weeks “Frimarathon” with a PlayStation Move micro-game blowout. I know what you’re probably thinking: do we really need another motion […]

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